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Daily Doily - Happy Easter Weekend!

For those who celebrate and those who just casually enjoy the chocolate and other Easter activities :) Are you guys tired of these doilies yet? haha

I’d like to say hello to all my recent new followers! Thanks for visiting and deciding to stay around! Of course, much love to those who have been with me here since the beginning :)! I will do a giveaway when I’ve reached the next milestone!


★ yuu-lin’s commissions 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

all commissions are fully coloured.

Waist-up! ★£18 ($30) - - examples:    

To order:

  • E-mail to lin-coban@hotmail.co.uk with details of your desired commission piece!
  • I will then ask you to pay my Paypal email. (private)

IMPORANT: When paying through Paypal please make sure to send it to “Friends and Family” thus avoiding unnecessary paypal fees! 

I am willing to draw:

  • ▲ Humans
  •  Fanart
  •  OCs

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hi guys!! Just updating my commission information, as I will only be doing waist-up right now and had to change the prices a little bit, hope they are not unreasonable! I usually take a week or less to finish a commission (unless unable to) and takews me about 3-5 hours each time. 

Even if you can’t order please spread the word around! I’m really in need to extra cash right now as I’m graduating soon and have no job guarantee.

Thank you for reading!!!

Doily Doodle
I bought these to slip into my print orders, mostly for decoration and to separate some items. I have so many leftovers and thought it would frame a sketch really nicely ^^

And so this happened. Going to continue sketching on these some more later.

Thanks for looking!

TPTH has brought a lot of questions for me personally that KazeHime didn't really answer, so I was wondering if there was a way I could buy a print of the piece you submitted to the artbook? >__<!! It's just that I'd rather support the artists I'm interested in than not know where the money is going. My original assumption when the artbook came out was that profits would somehow (unrealistically lol) be divided up.

draabbles answered:

Hey skylanterns`!

There’s been a lot of kerfuffle over this art book. Everyone has their points and opinions and they’re all different perspectives of the whole truth.

I’ll try to keep this short, I decided to contribute to the project knowing I wouldn’t be compensated with money, the theme was really cool and I was just happy to be drawing such an awesome theme alongside so many other artists I admire. Yes the details about where the money goes were vague, one could say I was just ignorant since I really didn’t think much further of it.

I’m really happy that you reached out to me since you liked my preview enough to buy a print ^^, I’m not going to be making prints until after late summer, or until the book has had its chance to sell. Regardless of where the money goes it’s going to be helping somebody and I don’t speak for everyone but I think most of us would be happy if you did continue to support the book. There has been a lot of public responses on it, if you want to read up more on everyone’s point of view.

I like to believe that the organizer is capable of making herself money if needed, this isn’t the first time she’s made or participated in art books. Even if it was for her own personal profit there could be a desperate underlying reason for her to reach out to us for it. If the details are that personal, I can understand if she wishes not to say. Transparency is best when it comes to handling money, but anyways what’s done is done.

However, in the end it really does come down to trust, I’m happy enough to participate for the reasons I mentioned above. I also don’t hold anything against the person who brought up some of these questions to light. I mean it takes a lot of courage to put out an opinion that could warrant so much backlash. She had good intentions and was making sure we all understood the situation.

Both sides are people whom I admire and respect, so I hope this can sizzle down nicely. I am really looking forward to this book since the theme and content look outstanding, If there are still participating artists who feel uncomfortable or that they should be further compensated, I suggest that they further discuss it privately with the organizers. 

Storenvy updated!

Finally ready! Some of the sketches I posted recently are now up in my shop for adoption, including my new limited edition giclée print: Les Fleurs

Giclée prints are quite costly to print, which is why I only did a small run. I’m really so grateful when someone decides to buy my artwork, which is why I’ve included some special bonuses to anyone who purchases my new print as a heartfelt thank you for your support!! 

Honestly, it’s been quite a journey and still going, but I’m so glad to have you all along the way. Thank you!

All those feels aside, feel free to take a look :)! 

Anonymous asked:
will you be coming to AX?

draabbles answered:

I don’t think so ._., I need to plan ahead a little more if i ever want to con-hop. 

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Nameless and the Scientist; book 1; The Sky is a Hollow Sea

Softcover| 132 full colour pages | A5 | perfect bound | 20 USD + s/h

Online Preorders are open here!

This book covers the prologue and first chapter of Nameless and the Scientist. It is a story of beginnings where Nameless saves a raven, creates a labyrinth and meets a Scientist.

I’ll also be selling this book at TCAF in May! Please do drop by for a chat, I’d love to meet you in person if you can make it. (I have also revamped my site http://nameless.ameizhao.com/  where you can read the prologue)

Ahhh, gorgeous, hopefully I can go to TCAF this year *v*!!

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phontes asked:
Hi, Draa!! Will you be attending Anime North this year? (:

draabbles answered:

Hello Phontes`!

haha but yeah I usually make an effort to go walk around at least one day that weekend :) 

I had plans to get a table but I completely missed the registration, /fail,

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Anonymous asked:
i look forward to your sketchadays like no other. / u\) <3

draabbles answered:

/melts, that’s so sweet of you anon!! Ahh motivation overdrive! I’m so happy, thank you! ////


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Anonymous asked:
ohmygod. I LOVE YOUR ART!! I saw a post of yours and instantly followed you. Your art style is so cute!!! X3

draabbles answered:

Ahh thank you ;v; !!

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Anonymous asked:
hello, what sketch book do you use? P.S. i love your work!!

draabbles answered:

Currently I’m switching between a plain moleskine notebook and a canson recycled paper sketchbook :)

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