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Doily - Mini Moonlit Silk

Chibiusa version! I’m working out the details for making this as well as the original Moonlit Silk as doily prints.

I’m considering taking preorders on a limited first run since it’s actually quite a bit of of manual work to print them. It will be helpful to know exactly how many I should make as well as preparing the packaging for them :’).

Thank you everyone for the support on these! Will share again when preorders are ready :)

Dressrosa Zine Complete!
Thank you to everyone who supported the Dressrosa zine :)! It’s sold out and all the orders have been shipped off.

Here’s the pieces I submitted. I made all the Straw Hats into toy soldiers since there’s so much toy action in this arc.

Special thanks to Eecks, Lunatic, and Miko for organizing! Can’t wait to receive my copy :D

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you ever sell any of your doily art? I would really love to purchase one, one day and it wouldn't matter the cost! Its just I want to own one of your pieces because they are truly inspirational!

draabbles answered:

Hello Anon! Yeap! I do pull out a few after I finish a batch. They’re put up onto my Storenvy. There aren’t any up at the moment but I’ll update here and on Instagram / Twitter when some will be available next :)

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My Replies

Your work is so beautiful! I wanted to ask about your piece Wonderer: I wanted to know what brushes you used because the texture on them is so natural and how you chose your colors? I’ve been trying to use brighter colors in my work, but I always overdo it! ;_;

Then I said:
Thank you so much! I’m not strong with environment studies, so I often pull up some references/inspirations on the side. Either actual photographs or concept illustrations so that I can study the colors/space. I wish I could answer this better, but I suppose I usually start with the palette I intend to use, then set the light source. From there I mix the colors up, and see what feels right in terms of balance, harmony and contrast. As for the brushes, they’re made by Kyle T. Webster, not sure which set since it was a while ago but he has a lot of great brush packs for sale!
I was so excited when I found your blog like wow someone actually draws in doilies! I remember I’ve always wanted to draw on a doily when I was 4 but had no money so I cut up some paper with an elaborate design to draw on instead.

So I said:
Hahaha why thank you! It was a spontaneous experiment that I ended up really liking. That sounds hard, doilies are so intricate so it must’ve been a lot of work to cut it to begin with. I guess doilies were expensive then? A lot of the ones I’ve collected were just from a dollar store. Though I do have some that cost much more from eBay. 
Its been just a few minutes since i discovered your blog and IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR ART

I blush and answered:
Oh my! Thank you so much! That makes me strangely happy when someone says they’ve found me here, or “discovered”! I like the ring of it :)
Hi! I trieddrawing on doilies and it’s a lot harder than it looks! I tagged you on the post!!

I replied:
Hello! I didn’t see the notification for the tag, but I looked for the post via Tumblr, great job! Thank you for sharing your doily art with me :)
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Doily - Chapeau de lapin
A birthday gift to a friend who loves bunnies! First time looking for framing options and I found this awesome multi-level shadow box frame at Michael’s Craft Store that worked perfectly.

The last photo doesn’t do it justice, but I’m happy to confidently say that it looks real pretty inside that frame *A*. 

penanna asked:
A similar question - how would you feel if people drew on doilies/lace paper and sold them like on Etsy? I had an idea for example, but it was an idea I had from seeing your work, so I kind of wanted to ask your permission before I went ahead with anything.

draabbles answered:

Hmm thats trickier I suppose. I have no problem with others drawing on doilies and selling their own work/fanart.

There comes a grey area for example. If someone took “inspiration” from my work more than the idea of using a doily. I do a lot of both original pieces and fanart on the doilies, composition/layout and techniques all contribute to my so called “style/signature” on them. 

I don’t think I can say much more on this, since I’m not trying to tell others what they can or cannot do lol. In general, I’d be very happy if people who tried drawing on doilies shared their work with me since I’d love to see *A*

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Is the prize a free cruise? No! Are we sending you on a trip for two? Kind of!* Do you want to know the details? Keep reading!

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Doily - Mars Merino
For those who have asked/commented, yes I will continue these to at least complete the inner senshi + chibiusa :)

Excited for the release of the SM Crystal series, I know it will never be the same as the original but I’m just happy that SM in general is getting so much love lately haha

Anonymous asked:
May we do daily doilies as well? If yes can we post them on tumblr?

draabbles answered:

Hey Anon, thank you for asking! I really don’t see why not, I really doubt I’m the first person ever to think about drawing on a doily and even if I was I like to think that it’s just a fancier piece of paper.

However I would love to see what everyone does with their doilies and if they feel like sharing!

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Daily Doily - Faerie
Did this one a while back, but I realized I never posted it here, was part of the original sales yesterday. Has already been adopted and will soon be sent to a new home :)

Thank you everyone for your loving support, all the doilies in the store have been sold but there are still other originals left. Keep an eye out for the next store update :)